Sunday, June 16, 2019   
My Messier Marathon
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During a select few weeks in the spring of each year, it is possible from certain latitudes to observe all 110 of the Messier objects in a single night. It requires observing many of the objects in a specific order as well as starting at sunset and observing until sunrise. Though I am often out late, especially during the summer, I don't currently have the desire to try this.
That being said, I am working on a modified, photographical version of the Messier Marathon. Essentially, it is my goal to photograph all 110 Messier objects.. Though it may take me several years to do it, I will definitely do it!
Quality is also important to me, not quantity. Therefore, though I have imaged more objects than show up on this page, I will only be posting (and counting) high-quality images.
Charles Messier
June 26, 1730 - April 12, 1817
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