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Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013
Location: Eastman Lake, CA
The Owl Cluster (upper left), catalogued as NGC 457 and Caldwell 13, is a beautiful open cluster in the constellation Cassiopeia. It has a total of approximately 150 member stars and lies at a distance of 7,922 light years from Earth. Also visible in this shot is Open Cluster NGC 436 (lower right).
Mount: Celestron CGEM (Hypertuned)
Camera: Canon 60D (Stock)
Scope/Lens: Orion Astrograph 8" f/3.9 Newtonian
Guide Scope: Orion ST 80mm f/5 Refractor
Guide Camera: Orion Starshoot Autoguider
Exposure #1 (RGB):
   36 x 40 Seconds @ ISO 1600, f/3.9
   15 Darks, 40 Flats/Dark Flats/Bias

Integration: 0 Hours, 24 Minutes, 0 Seconds
Processing: BackyardEOS, PHD, DeepSkyStacker, Adobe Photoshop CS6
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