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November 9, 2013 - Clovis, CA
After much purchasing and waiting for parts to arrive, I have finally completed my side-by-side astrophotography setup. This setup allows me to use my camera with any of the lenses I have available (the EF 300mm f/4.0L IS USM lens is shown). Below is a list of everything that was used to create this setup:

  • Mount:
    • Celestron CGEM
    • ADM CGEM Dual Saddle
  • Brackets & Rings:
    • ADM DSBS-2V (Losmandy Bar w/ 2 Vixen Saddles)
    • ADM VDUP14 (14-Inch Vixen Bar) Quantity 2
    • Orion 90mm ID Rings (For Guide Scope)
    • Orion 105mm ID Rings (For Camera Lens)
    • Manfrotto Quick Release Slide Bracket (For Camera)
  • Autoguider:
    • Orion ShortTube 80mm f/5 Guide Scope
    • Orion Starshoot Autoguider Camera
  • Cables:
    • Orion ST-4 Autoguide Cable
    • USB A to USB B Cable (For Autoguider>
    • USB A to Mini USB Cable (For Camera)
    • Sewell Direct 16-Foot 2-Port USB Cable

Side-By-Side Astro Setup
Side-By-Side Astro Setup
Side-By-Side Astro Setup
Side-By-Side Astro Setup
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