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My Astronomy Gear
I purchased my computer-controlled mount in March 2012, my Dobsonian scope a month later, and my astrograph a month after that. Since then, I've bought accessories as needed. This section of the website is separated into two parts - my visual setup and my astrophotography setup.
Visual Observing Equipment
     - Orion XT8 Dobsonian Scope (1200mm f/6)
     - Orion Epic II ED Eyepieces (25mm & 8mm)
Astrophotography Equipment
     - Mount: Celestron CGEM
     - Imaging Scope: Orion 8" Astrograph (800mm f/4)
     - Imaging Camera: Canon EOS 60D
     - Guide Scope: Orion ShortTube 80mm Guide Scope (400mm f/5)
     - Guide Camera: Orion Starshoot Autoguider Guide Camera
Miscellaneous Hardware & Software
     - Star Charts: Apple iPad 2 with Sky Safari Pro
     - Computing: Sony Vaio Laptop
     - Power: Custom Power Tank
     - Camera Control: Backyard EOS
     - Image Stacking: Deep Sky Stacker
     - Post Processing: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Astrophotography Setup Overview
Autoguider and Rear of Telescope
Canon 60D Attached to Focuser
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